Wellness is the Way!

Wellness is the way! No doctor comes to your house anymore to check on you and make sure you are feeling up to par do they?  Staying well in these times can be extremely difficult and may require the help of someone (like myself) to sort it all out with you. I speak in terms you understand and get you on the path to wellness so that you feel healthy using natural methods, the way God intended us to care for ourselves. The power of nature and naturally derived methods go back thousands of years.

Our FDA is not able to regulate our foods or drugs effectively. Things make it into the marketplace before the proper testing has been done. Testing can be done by a 3rd party (friend) that may be getting benefits from the study. Big Pharma is in a hurry to get the next drug into the hands that will increase their wealth. (Not improve your health)

You may be aware of "recalls". You may have heard of  these years after they have been on the market. Why? They are being tested in the marketplace.

There are not enough staff to do the jobs or enough money to fund the projects and some of the things we do as a country (send our chicken over to China for processing) can not be monitored or regulated. GMO (genetically modified organisms)  are being produced to fuel our need for higher demand of food.Tons of toxic chemicals are being added to our foods to preserve their shelf life. The bottled water industry is run by companies too big for the small rural towns to do anything to stop them from tapping their water supplies. Plastics are full of chemicals that leach into our foods. Aluminum, known to be one of the causes of Alzheimer's is still on the market along with many other harmful products and ingredients. We are becoming a very sick nation. Diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, dementia, heart disease and obesity are among the top killers. Yet we continue down the path of destruction. Filling our bodies with unknown toxins. Never being educated by doctors on how to get and stay well. (They can't make money keeping you well can they?)

When you buy natural, home grown, well monitored and tested products (which I also assess and monitor for you as well) you have a better chance of safe consumption. Having a longer, healthier life is my goal for myself and when I become your nurse, I will help educate and empower you to live well too.

This means that you can relax and rest assured that you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones the very best that you can. Putting safeguards in place to protect our health is my #1 priority.

It's Simply Natural!

There are many reasons you should choose to  work with me. I am a seasoned professional, licensed nurse, with a medical background and 25+ years of experience. I can work directly with your physician to help you live your best life! The best part is that I care about you and your loved one's health and you will have no doubt after you speak with me.

In 2014, I was recognized as a

top leader in healthcare by the "International Nurses Association".

In 2015, I am featured in the publication

Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare".

In 2016, I was again recognized as a top leader in healthcare by the "International Nurses Association". 

This is not meant as a boast of my talents, but a confirmation that I am using the gifts that God has given me.

I am a NYS licensed nurse, Certified in Holistic Health,which means, I have completed the requirements to be able to confidently help educate,empower and guide you towards safe, simple, alternatives. Natural (holistic) methods and products you can use instead of  or in combination with drugs, surgery or invasive therapies as your only choice. I am also a Certified Cancer Educator, which means, that I have completed requirements that enable me to help you at any stage of your prevention, diagnosis, treatment or recovery. Having support no matter what stage you are in, is important to your ability to improve your situation. Sometimes people come to me to remain healthy and prevent their risks of getting sick or having cancer after seeing others in their family suffer. Only God knows what will happen in our lives, but we can take good care of the body we have been given. Together, with support you can do it.

While there are plenty of guru's, coaches and people with a zillion products and services out there,  I believe you deserve the most commited professional. One who is qualified to care for you and your loved ones. Someone with compassion and faith that can guide you to your best health. As a nurse I understand all religions, I will support you, no matter where you are on your own spiritual journey, even if you feel you don't have one.

I care.  I am passionate about natural health and healing.  I listen. I ask questions. You will feel heard and connected. Together as a team we will make you a unique plan. One that you will feel able to follow.

It's never too late. It's never hopeless. Through my prayer and care you will be ready to take the next step. If you are here, reading this today, consider you have been guided by the hand of the almighty God above. Take that leap of faith and call me for an appointment. 800-503-0483

My mantra is: "It's not how long we live, it's how well we live for as long as we live."~Sandra Bullard

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Natural Therapies & Self Healing

Natural Health Made Simple

​     It's Simply Smart!
Knowing your current state of health will allow you to sit in the drivers seat and be educated enough to ask questions and become able to make decisions regarding your health.

You may not have those keys right away, but you have to start by getting used to being behind the wheel. Learning what things mean and how they work. It's a new perspective. It puts the doctor in the passenger seat beside you, advising you, and recommending solutions for you, instead of the one responsible for your health.  So many people have the idea that the Doctor is responsible for our health. How can that be true? God has given us this body to care for. He never said He would send someone else to care for it.

While leaving the responsibility for your health in the hands of your doctor, you are relinquishing your own responsibility. 

Does your doctor live with you? Do they keep you on track? Do they fix your meals? Do they remind you of your choices and how they will affect you? 

It's not easy to assess our own health because we can't always "see the trees for the forest" as the saying goes. So this is how I can help you see what your needs are. By using my nursing skills and assessing your current state of health. (You may be asking yourself, doesn't my doctor do that?) Why would I need Sandra to do that with me? The answer is simple. Because your doctor appointment is how long? Consists of a short line of questions, a blood pressure, weight, temperature, diagnosis, recommendations and treatment or prescriptions. How many times have you thought of something you wanted to ask and you were already back home?

We are in "information overload" with high stress, anxiety, poor family dynamics, lack of support, overwhelming situations, a speeding bullet pace, so it's important to stop and focus just for a moment on ourselves and what we need to be healthy. What we need to keep this body God has given us well cared for.

I will be thrilled to help you learn more about your health and how you can stay well, naturally. Together we can give you the "keys" to live your best life!!

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