An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Star Product Sales is born...

Using our creative resources, my husband Roger, and I have begun a new adventure. We are supplementing our retirement income by learning how to find great products and offer them at a great price.

The apple star showed us the way. We created our name envisioning the star that appears when you cut an apple sideways. Being guided by this star we know God will provide us with what we need.  

We appreciate you as a customer. Find the products on the website and use the convenient paypal button to complete your purchase...or visit our store.

The story of the apple seed...

At the core of every apple lay the precious seeds of life. Here they sit poised and ready for planting the next generation.

This is how the vision of "Simply Healthy" began. At it's core, there is the passion I have to plant the seeds of knowledge about natural health in those that seek my services. From person to person the knowledge sprouts and some grows and some doesn't. But the ones that grow, begin to thirst for more knowledge to grow stronger and sweeter. 

Look closely at this core of the apple. Do you see the hidden images speaking to one another? That is you and I talking about your health concerns. Your lifestyle. Your emotional turmoil at the root of your stress. Healing takes place sometimes during our session and sometimes well after. But, healing is what keeps us healthy. 

Sandra Bullard  -  Holistic Nurse