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After a lifetime of chronic health problems, I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2009. The medical profession could not offer me help or hope, as the disease had really done some damage to my entire body. In 2016, I heard about Sandy. I had never been to a holistic nurse before. When I heard what she did, I knew she could at least help reduce my symptoms.
Sandy has a wealth of knowledge and resources in her head as well as at her finger tips to use with whatever issue you might be having. Her consulting style is easy and she makes you feel comfortable.
The biggest thing I learned from working with Sandy is that my gut can heal! Despite every doctor I have been to says it is too damaged to ever heal. I signed up for one of her 6 month programs and at the end of it, I actually feel well enough to join a gym again. I have not been physically able to do that since 2005. Being able to do that after all this time gives me hope & Inspiration & Happiness. Thank you Sandy!

Dr. Mary Czaplak
Chiropractor, Smith Chiropractic
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Lima, NY

I first met Sandra and felt an immediate connection.   I was at a point in my life where I  was looking to start living a healthier lifestyle, but felt overwhelmed by all of the different diets,  products, and supplements in the market place.  After experiencing one disappointing attempt after  another, I finally reached out to Sandra and I am so very thankful that I did.   Starting the path to a  healthier happier lifestyle is not something that is built overnight. Sandra’s kind nature, passion, and  attention to detail allowed me to feel like someone truly knew what my health goals were, and that I  was not alone in my journey. Together we laid out a customized plan that worked for me and my  lifestyle, and the rest is history. Over only a few shorts months, I have lost 25lbs and can confidently say  that I am making the best nutritional decisions of my life.  Sandra made such an overwhelming journey seem manageable,and with her continued support, I continue to succeed. Thank you for everything and I hope everyone has the opportunity to gain control of their life like I have.

Nicholas R. LaPenna

Wells Fargo Financial Advisor 

Rochester, NY

It is not often that I meet someone, that I feel an immediate connection with, but when I do, I love it!  And that is exactly how I felt from beginning to end, joining with Sandra Bullard.

It only took a brief time for her to delve into my psyche and know exactly what I needed to look at and work on to remove the blocks that had been holding me back and permission to let them go.  I was struggling and didn’t understand why, until she brought it to my attention.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as she assisted me to unlock components of my life to help me move forward with my personal growth and my business. It was so fluid and enlightening.

Sandra is loving and straightforward and combines her skill with compassion and spirituality. Exactly what I was looking for.

Marian Cerdeira
Intuitive Channel and Medium
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At a very low point in my life, where I had been intuitively spot on for everyone I was assisting I couldn’t be for myself, and Sandra showed up for me, thank Source (God) She was intuitively spot on for me, it brought me to a new idea I was too blind to see, her ability to flow the perfect words with her generous heart to someone she didn’t know, I can’t recommend her enough. She is one of the rare coaches. In deep gratitude!

Laya Nicole Morris

Clarity Catalyst Coach

​​​​​I've been wanting to write for quite some time and have now made the opportunity to do so. After much thought, our conversation has provoked a greater understanding of my life and helps me come to terms with matters. I am re-learning life thanks to your help. Your help reminds me there are still good possibilities and opportunities.


Solutions Creator

Leicester, England

This is to let you know how I feel about your helping me set up my goals.  You spent at least 2 hours of your time initially helping me and since you have done that I am progressing very well! And then you spent more time assisting me to make sure it's working for me and giving me more training on my goals and other information (on building my business).

I really feel this is the very best personal educational training I have received and it has, and is, making a huge difference. This is so priceless!!

You are an amazing teacher and I appreciate you so much!

Barb Brown

Several years ago my inner compass directed me to Sandra Bullard (Sandy) when I restarted my entrepreneurial journey.  I gained so much from that initial coaching/mentoring but most of all a special Friendship resulted from that initial session that I will cherish for ever.  

Here it is 2014, my personal and professional life was once again spiraling into a direction that was not yielding the results.  After the sudden death of one of my business partner, facing daily turmoil on my full time job but most of all,  losing most if not all of my loyal customers, and hearing so many No's was quite depressing.  So rather than seeking additional coaching Yours truly decided to coach myself which led to my consistently getting ready to get ready that ultimately led to procrastinating, indecision and disappointment.  I toyed with the idea of reaching out but could not bring myself to do so... Hence that Inner Compass led me to my Friend, Coach and Mentor yet again.  

Sandy, you are an incredible Coach and Mentor, and I want to thank you for being such an amazing FORCE of GREATNESS in my life.  Since I started my coaching with you this time around (smile), I have had many breakthrough in my life... Personally, Professionally and Spiritually.  I love the fact you ALWAYS listen along with your God giving talent of keeping me focused but mist of all being accountable while providing an unbiased point of view.  

Sandy has helped me to visualize and I now know exactly what I want and where I want to be in ALL areas of my life.  After all these years, I was able to complete my "Why".  After reviewing my "Why" she devoted the time to understand my goals and help me take the necessary steps/action plan in achieving them.  

Sandy, you are an amazing woman with an amazing heart with a unique insight and ability to connect with people by inspiring and nurturing them to move forward in a positive direction.  

I am blessed and thankful to have Sandra Bullard in my life.  

God bless you!  

Patricia Campbell
Lithonia, GA

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