Sandra Bullard  -  Holistic Nurse 


Here are a few suggestions :

  • Get Outside  It's important that you get yourself grounded in the beauty of the earth. Plant a seed, watch a bird, Appreciate earth!
  • Grow Something It's time for new growth. Just plant one seed, one tree, one flower so that this planet keeps growing.
  • Get in the sun We need Vitamin D and our skin needs to touch the sun to make it. It's that smell you want to wash off, but leave it on!

Sandra Bullard LPN, HHN

Star Product of the Month

Brazil Live Coral Calcium


120 veggie caps ea. bottle

(serving size-3 caps a day

$28.45 (includes shipping)

What's on Your Bucket List?

  • Learn to do a new hobby
  • Write that letter or make that call
  • Go somewhere you have wanted to
  • Enjoy every moment instead of rush by it
  • Indulge yourself for just one day
  • Put yourself first -especially your health
  • Make something with your hands
  • Move forward with something you have been putting off

Brazil Live Coral Calcium is the only live harvested coral calcium from the untouched beaches of Brazil.
Contains more minerals than the Okinawa coral calcium. Being live harvested and cold processed, Brazil Live Coral Calcium keeps its minerals intact, giving you a superior coral calcium.
A 40 days supply. Living and Vibrant* 24 x More Trace Minerals* 3 x More Calcium and Magnesium* Cold Processed* Marine Nutrients, Proteins and Enzymes Kept In Tact.  Live Harvested Brazilian Coral without disturbing the environment.

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